Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I guess I missed February and March, so I failed at my resolution to post twice a month.

Life has been work busy for us, for 6 weeks (February and Most of March) I was filling my old job and new job, as we were having a hard time finding someone to fill my old position. This stretched me in a lot of ways but finally we hired someone, and she is doing a great job.

During Spring Break Andrew and I went to the Dominican Republic, for a week long all-inclusive. Now typically I think these are for unadventurous persons, but as Andrew and I were both in need of a worry free holiday, it was a good break. I didn't have to cook, clean, think about money, work or check my e-mail for a whole week.

We did choose the resort for it's plethora of water sport activities, but ironically because it was too windy, and because of the Easter holidays they were all cancelled.

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Anna & Andrew Mayo said...

But I just realized, that I did keep my resolution to go on a hot vacation:)