Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8 Months Down, 2 to Go

Joshua Tree Park

Andrew gives bouldering a shot

Andrew...need I say anything......
So we are now 8 weeks away from the estimated arival of our new baby and things are going well. We have a new couch, chair, TV, a mountain bike for Andrew, a Coach purse for me, and we took a vacation, that's all an order for never having money to spend again.....right?
We have at least now painted the baby space and have a few items of generic baby clothing.
Our holiday to Palm Springs was a lot of fun, we spent time in the pool, did some hiking and a lot of window shopping. It was nice to have some relaxing time together before our life goes through the potential majour shift.
I can't say I am exactly tired of being pregnant, but I am missing climbing, going to J tree and not being able to climb or even scramble around was hard. I miss running on these nice spring days we are getting, not being able to bike and I am even a bit tired of the round shape.
Did I mention I miss wine at dinner? I am ready for that again to. I know it will all be worth it and I am almost done, but really this growing a baby business kind of throws a curve ball for the better part of a year.