Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Next year i am looking forward to...

Instead of making resolutions, I found this way of listing things to do in the new year on a blog, so here we go:

Next year i am looking forward to...

Our second ultrasound on Feb 4th, which we will see together (Andrew and I)

My Gerrany's 90th Birthday party in February

Experiencing the last 5 months of pregnancy

Meeting our new baby in the end of June or early July

Taking another warm vacation to the West Coast of Mexico (short flight with no time change)

Taking time off from work to spend with my baby

Seeing more of my family because I am off work

Reading lots of books and watching the backlog of movies Andrew doesn't want to watch with me (i.e. Ballet Shoes and Marie Antoinette) while nursing

Spending time with Andrew in the morning while walking Farley

Drinking lot's of latte's with good friends, made with our new espresso machine

Running again in September with Alison- maybe next fall we can do our half marathon

Pilates with Carla in the fall