Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sooooo Bad at This!

Wow a whole year and we have 2 postings up.....I believe it would be accurate to say that we suck at this blog business.

So lets get this updated in a nut shell.

-We still live in Squamish, with our dog Farley

-Andrew now works for an auto body shop doing paper work in the office, he is also learning how to do estimates

- I still work for the employment centre, but am no longer the Office Administrator, I am now the "Career Resource Specialist" (it wasn't just a title change, it is a different position...although I do much of the same as before)

- We are both playing on the worship team at our church (Church on 99), I usually sing but sometimes play the bass or piano (Andrew bought me the most beautiful acoustic bass guitar for Christmas, so I am hoping to work on that this year). Andrew plays drums pretty much every week and leads worship about once a month (sometimes from the drums, and sometimes from guitar).

-Andrew has become very passionate about drumming, I think he does online lessons a few times a week, he practices at home nearly every day and goes to the church a couple times a week. He has been adding pieces to our church drum set, and we quite often have week-end excursions to acquire new hardware or accessories for the drums.

- This winter has been colder with much more snow then last, which has increased avalanche hazard significantly, so we have done very little skiing this winter.

So that's where we're at...any questions we would be more than happy to answer them:)

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