Monday, May 14, 2007

I have been waiting for Andrew to update this, but he has been busy mostly climbing, and with all this sunshine, there have been few rainy days for him to work on our blog.

I feel like we haven't been up to much, just normal life, which is great. As our friend Jeff said " It's like one day the sun just decided to stay up an extra 3 hours"- so mostly we have been taking advantage of the great weather and daylight.

Last summer after moving here Andrew was always looking for new climbing partners, and now after a year, I think he is actually having to book appointments, which is great. In addition to his love for climbing, he has rekindled his old love of drumming. He has been playing them for our church worship band and he got to help buy a new set last Saturday-which he was very excited about.

Farley got a job working at Valhalla Pure, he now goes to work nearly every day with Andrew. He chills out, digs in the recycling bin for plastic bottles to harass customers into throwing for him, that kind of thing.

I have gotten back into running with the longer days. During the winter it was too wet and dark out. I just need to find an event to train for to stay motivated.
Andrew works four, ten hour days in the summer, so he always has Fridays off, so I took most of my Fridays off all summer as well.
Every week will be a three day week end.

We hope to have lots of visitors-which is an open invitation to you all

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Sam said...

What happened to the spring blog?